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Building on our 25 years of experience, STGi fully operates and manages health clinics across the country. In our clinic facilities we provide a full spectrum of healthcare services, including primary care, nursing, radiology, pharmacy, and mental health, as well as clinical administration and medical records management, and credentialing and licensing services. Today, STGi provides nearly 1,200 healthcare workers across the United States.





As a clinical operations provider, STGi also collaborates effectively with local EMS providers to support emergency medical situations. STGi’s mission is to positively impact the communities we serve through quality medical care. Our dedication is exemplified by our 25-year history of programs serving marginalized or underserved populations veterans, low-income families, immigrants, and refugees. In pursuit of our mission to serve the hardworking staff and guests of Yellowstone National Park, STGi recognizes six core values in the foundation of our company culture, brand, and strategy:

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